Tuesday, May 03, 2016
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Islamic scholar Gülen's poems turned into songs for international album Artists from twelve different countries composed music for poems written by Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, who is known for his global message of peace and inter-faith tolerance, for an album titled “Colors of Peace-Rise Up” to promote peace and tolerance.
Worldly means and the criteria for planning the future Question: The Messenger of God enjoined being like a stranger or traveler in this fleeting world. Some Muslims of the early period regarded even planning what to eat the following day as a form of cherishing long-term worldly objectives and delusion of eternity.
How to avoid claiming divine favors upon oneself Question: There are positive developments around the world in the direction of a revival of ethical and spiritual values. How should believers position themselves on a safe ground to avoid claiming divine favors upon themselves?
Öcalan invests in the post-İmralı era The aftershocks from the leaking of the minutes of a meeting held last week between three pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputies and Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Öcalan, jailed on İmralı Island off the İstanbul coast, are still showing no signs of abating.

From The Fountain

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The test

Life is a chain of tests, ensuing one after another. It is a human condition we experience from childhood until the moment we breathe our last. For the discerning souls, each of these minor tests is an elimination to determine the souls that make it to the finals; a matter to be determined within the human conscience and in the eyes of heavenly spirits. We...

The Heart

Love is like Solomon,
Borne aloft on the heart, its throne.[1] The heart is humanity’s most essential feature and its greatest treasure. It is the expression of our spiritual existence, the source of our feelings and beliefs, and the pathway to our soul’s ultimate depths. Those who walk on the path of the heart will not experience any darkness,...

What generations expect from education

What do we mean when we mention education and training in relation to our current and future generations? How should we teach our values to new generations and who is to undertake this sacred duty? We have to find the answers to these questions if we are to deal with matters related to the education of our future generations.

Love for truth

Truth means the essence and reality of a thing. It is to know clearly what a thing is, what it means, and what it signifies beyond its appearance and cognition. What is the essence and reality of the human being, the universe, and all things? What do they mean, both as individuals and as a whole? What is beyond this entire existence—from atoms to...



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