Thursday, May 05, 2016
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Conference on co-existence holds in Abuja

Conference on co-existence holds in Abuja

To foster a culture of co-existence and mutual understanding, the Fountain Magazine and Ufuk Dialogue Foundation are holding a conference in Abuja from November 18 to 19.

According to a statement by the magazine editor, Hakan Yesilova, the conference would restate the possibilities of co-existing and living in peace as contemporary neighbours.

The statement reads: “Today we face many question and challenges as to how we co-exist in peace, neighbours who are now greater in number than before yet less familiar with our culture and beliefs.”

“The conference, which is expected to harness and transform human encounter with one another into enriching experience rather than hatred, would seek the sincere understanding of participants in achieving the objective.

It would also pose some questions on how generations respond to the rise of global dynamics, local identities and cultural riches with a view to know the impact of education and culture on them.

Considering the risk and challenges that accompany these questions, it is crucial to delve into the thought and action of Fethullah Gülen, who s pioneered educational and cultural initiative frequently referred to in the 21st century.

Nigeria set an interesting stage for the conference not only because of its cultural and religious diversification but because it was inspired by Fethullah Gülen’s ideas during the past 15 years.”

The conference will feature distinguished scholars and intellectuals from around the world.

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